Amy Tang

Furniture Designer

“I believe an object should exist with its owner in harmony, complimenting and respecting each other”

“Every object I design has a concept and purpose behind it. Most recently, my influences are found in the form, texture and movements found in the living environment allowing me to create innovative and multifunctional objects. The objective of future designed products will have a strong dimension to bring people and ideas together through clever use of materials, manufacturing processes and technologies. Co-habitation is a good word to describe the aim of every object – blending form and function of all my designs.”

Amy Tang is a Sydney based designer experimenting with various creative ideas from an early age. Having worked in New York in a competitive branding environment and a background degree in Design and Marketing, Amy has found great success with combining her talents for creative and strategic solutions.

In 2007, Amy approached Woodmark with her design of the Flosion stools – innovative and functional seating with an organic and pure aesthetic, which flourished with Woodmark’s fine quality and detailed workmanship. The design has been exhibited at various exhibitions throughout Australia including The Edge, Vivid, Workshopped and Saturday In Design and recognition by many design reviews.

Her inspiration arises from current international designers and the ongoing need to develop products which are valued, respected and maintained longevity.

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